A Different Way
We are slowly moving out of  the sharpest economic downturn for 30 years.

Competition remains intense, clients extremely demanding, there is pressure on price across the board so budgets are tight and it's tempting to rein in all forms of promotion so getting a return on marketing investment has never been so important.

Technology continues to offer new ways of working - the knowledge base of professionals and of the sectors in which they operate has increased and with such change come new opportunities; new clients, new markets, new areas of practice and new methods of working.

And yet, despite the rapid pace of technological development,  meeting face-to-face remains, quite simply, the most effective way for any business discussion to take place.

An exceptional venue - well located and accessible for the whole country, excellent transport links, free parking for all right outside the door, a high profile group of exhibitors and visitors and the means to develop positive relationships between people in a customised, niche event - this is a Marwood Event.

An event that brings people together without the need to spend hours pounding the aisles of a huge  venue, one where your stand is buried within many hundreds of others fighting for the attention of visitors who, on average spend,  only 4 hours in the hall irrespective of show size - that is the style of the traditional industry trade show and one that we at Marwood Events we have sought to change.

A Marwood Event is a made to measure, specialist offering that aims for, above all, visitor quality - we achieve this by many means - careful in-house preparation of our own databases as the base for our broadcast mailings,  close collaboration with the appropriate leading industry media (using both traditional press and online channels), SEO of the event website and specialist social networks of our own optimised for the event in question.

Our staff and management team are industry insiders - like our shows, we specialise in the organising of events with industries that we know, ensuring that we can deliver what both exhibitors and visitors require.

Marwood Events - more than just an events organiser - a specialist in specialist events

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